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We welcome and encourage ongoing feedback from all parents whose children attend Windmill Day Nursery. In addition we conduct an anonymous annual survey amongst our parents to look at what we are doing well and what, if anything, we can do differently. You can view feedback by clicking here

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Monkey Room
(3 months to 2 and a half years)

Monkey room is home to our youngest children. With space for up to 15 babies and toddlers aged between 3 months to 2 and a half years old, we offer individual care to every child.

We work with parents to ensure that we closely follow baby’s home routine. Each child is cared for according to their own individual needs and not by a group timetable.

We believe that by spending time getting to know your routine at home we can make this first transition into a nursery easy for both you and your child.

Each baby has a ‘What I have done today’ sheet which is completed by their carer on a daily basis, and will give you a complete overview of your baby’s day.

Monkey room will provide your baby with a variety of stimulating toys and activities as well as much love and care.

Every day children have the opportunity to take part in a sensory activity such as exploring paint, gloop or foam, splashing water, pouring sand or squishing baked beans or jelly between their fingers.

Several times a day the children are involved in singing nursery rhymes – current favourites are ‘wind a bobbin up’, ‘wheels on the bus’ and ‘sleeping bunnies’.

Giraffe Rooms
(2, 3 & 4 years)

These rooms are designed for children to explore, to discover new experiences, to develop independent skills and to build relationships with each other and with adults.

Our children are always active and they have the freedom to choose which room they would prefer to play in (Giraffe room, Creative room and Quiet room) as each room offers a different experience.  The main Giraffe room has a large role play area and many different mathematical, construction and small world resources. In the Creative room, children have access to painting, drawing, cutting, sticking, playdough and the water tray as well as messy activities such as cornflour play and foam. The children also take part in many cooking activities and help us make food for the children to enjoy at teatime. The Quiet room offers activities such as games and puzzles. It also has a large comfy book area and a dark den as well as many scientific resources to encourage their exploration skills.

The children are the inspiration to the projects that they undertake and staff are led by their interests. Recently they have been learning about space, the moon and stars as well as dinosaurs.

The children have access to a vast selection of books that they can choose from and they can also borrow books from our own library. We recently took part in a Reading Project to develop children’s literacy skills and help them become confident and enthusiastic readers and writers.

Children take part in a variety of activities throughout the day including joining in with group songs and rhymes. They also have the opportunity for some quiet time to snuggle up and listen to their favourite stories or simply lay down and have a rest from all the excitement.

Meal times are just as important as rest and play and our meals are handmade, balanced and nutritious. To develop their independence skills, the children serve their own food and pour their own drinks. They then wash up their own plates and cutlery before cleaning their teeth. 

Our Garden

We are very fortunate to have access to a large secure outdoor play area. The garden offers the children the chance to really explore the outdoors with various areas for digging, being creative, growing and gardening, a large outdoor play equipment, bikes and balls.

We go out into the garden on a daily basis with umbrellas and waterproofs available for rainy days to really give the children access in all seasons. Children are asked to bring in wellington boots and waterproofs (if they have them) so rain and showers don’t stop play! The garden has some delightful purpose built shaded areas which provide the ideal place for the children to have an afternoon picnic tea on sunny days.

Many of our parents comment that there is nothing quite like coming to pick their child up, on a lovely summer’s day, from our garden. It is very easy to see how much they have been enjoying themselves.